• Alexandria Sosa

    Congratulations on coming home soon. What you are creating in sucess will be successful when you come home.

  • Aimee Ortiz

    Congratulations baby…our countdown has officially started!!! You, without a doubt, have the will to win, desire to succeed in everything you put your mind to, and the urge to reach your full potential! Our journey has just begun and I’m looking forward to every minute of it!! Love you XoXo

    Toujours Le Votre

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Donovan Forward Living Member

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Mike Forward Living Mentor

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Andre Community Member

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Let us know if you have any video comments stating how you are intervening.

Message to the Community

Our members are young adults who are among the highest risk of going back to prison. Many of them come from and are probably returning to challenged communities and/or fractured households which are strong factors in why they are over two times more likely to go back to prison. The young men in these clips have shown the motivation and eagerness to change. Their mentors are role models who use their past experiences to give them guidance. Our members are opening up and playing out their personal journey home in these short clips.

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